Hey there, thanks for being here!

One of my greatest joys is collaboration! I believe that what we create together will be better than what you or I can create alone. This will give you a glimpse of what it's like to work with me:

  • I ask a lot of questions to help my clients understand what they want from a creative project (and to make sure I understand my clients).

  • Generative conversations are one of my favorite playgrounds to spend time in!
  • I think outside-the-box, and play within the parameters.
  • I like to get sh*t done. (I call this GSD mode.)
  • I'm easy to work with.
  • I'm wired to choose simplicity, both in process and aesthetic.
  • I'll be clear with you. 

Think you and I might be a good fit? I'd love to chat about how we can create together.

Clients & Publications

My collaborations have manifested as conference presentations, photos in news articles, customized experiential videos, UX/UI, and graphic design. Below is a select list of my clients and places my work has been published or presented at. You can see examples of my projects here.

Other random tidbits about me...

  • I once said to myself, "One day, I'm going to live in Montana." I didn't think that I'd become a Montana resident six months later, but I did. (Hello from Montana!)
  • As scared as I can get in front of a crowd, I've given a talk at TEDActive twice now, and even gave a commencement speech to graduating art students.
  • One time I biked from Canada to Mexico with my husband. It took 40 days, and the experience cemented one of my life mantras: "Make unforgettable memories."
  • A few years ago when I was obsessed with trail running, I ran in a 50km race and miraculously placed 5th female overall. (I was as shocked as you might be.)
  • I had a transformational experience at HopeLab, where I worked for six years. After I left, they made this video that still makes me a little teary.
Photo credit: Kris Krüg

Photo credit: Kris Krüg

Ok, your turn. Tell me about you!